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Our Work

Since 2018, we have carried out 90 conservation missions, flown over 1,750 flight hours,
covering a distance of more than 250,000 kilometers.
Wings for Conservation Aircraft Conserva

2030 Goal

Conservation Missions
Flight hours
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Conservation Missions

Aircraft play a crucial role in the conservation of wildlife in Africa. Aircraft provide a unique bird's eye view and the use of light aircraft is a cost and time efficient way to cover large distances in vast landscapes, especially where there are no roads or access from the ground is limited, which is very often the case in wildlife areas.


Anti-poaching and surveillance
We carry out flights to detect poachers, illegal camps, illegal cattle grazing and other illicit activities in order to direct the deployment of ranger teams on the ground.

Mitigate human wildlife conflict

We deploy our aircraft to help redirect wildlife that is in close proximity to local communities and avoid conflict.

Ecological monitoring and research

We collect data on ecosystems and wildlife populations to help support their protection and restoration.

Protected area management & creation
We conduct flights to support management actions for wildlife areas and to help develop long-term strategies. 
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Projects Selection

Budget 2024

In 2024, we aim to fly 20 conservation missions and 250 flight hours. Each flight hour costs 400 euros. Our annual budget is 120,000 euros, including: 


55,000 euros for aircraft running costs.

20,500 euros for field operating costs.

36,000 euros for remuneration.

3,500 euros for travel expenses.

5,000 euros for administrative expenses.

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