Our Work

We are operating in the Republic of Chad, we provide aerial support to protect the elephant populations. Since April 2018, our aircraft has flown over 500 hours of surveillance missions, covering a distance beyond 70,000 kilometers.
Why do Elephants need protection ?
Despite a ban on the international trade of ivory introduced in 1989, African elephants are still being poached in large numbers. Tens of thousands of elephants are being illegally killed every year for their ivory tusks. The ivory is often smuggled to Asia and carved into jewelry and ornaments, with China as the biggest consumer market.
Why the Elephants of Chad ?
The Republic of Chad is a country in Central Africa. Over the past two decades, thousands of elephants were killed by poachers, drastically reducing numbers to less than 1,500 elephants today.


In July 2017, we signed an agreement with the Chadian Government to work in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and provide aerial support to increase the protection of the elephant populations.

Why Aerial Support ?

Aircraft are a very cost effective tool to cover vast landscapes in little time, especially where there are no roads or ground access is limited, which is very common in wildlife areas. Aircraft  offer excellent visibility over the terrain and help identify threats to elephants and collect vital information that is provided to ground teams to stop and prevent poaching. We aim to fly 20 hours every month.

How do we work ?

We carry out surveillance flights to detect possible poachers, illegal camps and other threats to elephants. We locate, track and photograph elephant herds, and we also record the sightings of other large mammals, people and cattle in close proximity to the elephants. All the data collected during these flights is used to help coordinate the ground protection efforts by the Chadian field rangers.

How much does it cost ?

Our annual budget for 2020 is 100,000 euros, including: 


96,000 euros to cover all costs associated with the operation of the aircraft, including aircraft fuel, maintenance, field expenses, etc. 

Each flying hour has a cost of 400 euros. Which translates to 8,000 euros/month for 20 hours. 

4,000 euros to cover administrative expenses and marketing costs.


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